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Fouad Assaf is a senior, all-round (functional) Murex business analyst.

Fouad has an engineering degree in telecommunication and a Master’s degree in mobile networking. He is specialized in design, configuration, testing and deployment of Murex software/tooling.

Fouad has worked with various clients from different countries and on many different projects in terms of size and expertise. He understands complex process chains, front-to-back.

In addition, he is familiar with the main Capital Market asset categories such as FXD, FXMM, IRD and EQD and different Murex areas like Pre-Trade, Simulation, Datamart reporting, PLVar and Consolidation.

As a Murex support coordinator he has been responsible for building and maintaining close relationships with client support teams and key stakeholders. Moreover, Fouad has been in charge of the transfer processes to several client Murex support teams.

Because of his experience and hands-on attitude he is able to bridge the gap between business and technology and vice versa and to deliver within the agreed time frame.

He has a great talent for delivering projects, thanks to excellent communication skills with clients and co-workers.

In his spare time Fouad enjoys biking, cooking, hiking and singing.

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