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Merrlyn, a specialist in the field of business and IT implementations within the financial markets sector, has carried out a rebranding. As of today, the Amsterdam agency will continue under the name Varrlyn. The remarkable change in the company name is not voluntary – Merrlyn was asked by US Merrill Lynch to distance themselves from their brand name.

Merrlyn was founded in mid-2010 by three former Accenture advisers: Marlijn Boerma, Martin Defauwes and Stephan van der Windt. Over the past four years, the boutique consultancy firm has experienced strong growth against the flow. In 2014, the team now consists of 12 business and IT consultants. The goal of the consultancy firm is to grow within a few years into a leading original brand within the Financial Markets domain with the emphasis on dealing rooms.

Merrlyn voert verplichte rebranding door naar Varrlyn

As of today Merrlyn continues under the name Varrlyn. Not as shocking as the recent rebranding of Booz & Company to Strategy & or that of DOC Advies naar Morgens. Nevertheless, the market will have to get used to the new fire. To find out more about the background of the name change and its implications, asked Cherien van Ampt six questions. She is responsible for business development and the marketing portfolio.

When did you hear about Merrill Lynch’s request for the first time?
Merrill Lynch is a global financial advice office for assets and investment management. At the end of 2011 the first letter from Merrill Lynch appeared. When we saw the envelope we thought about a possible new assignment that came in from a very reputable party. That dream burst. A clamping apple was done to change our company name. This would seem too similar to the established name Merrill Lynch.

Still tried to go against it or was it a clear thing?
We are familiar with David & Goliath rounds and do not shy away from them. In the beginning we tried to go against the request for name change. Soon we anticipated rising costs and endless tug of war between lawyers. This meant that we finally reached a point that we agreed with the request.

Why did the choice fall on Varrlyn?
We decided to choose a name that would be allowed by the trademark agency, but that would not sound completely different for our customers. We have a close relationship with our staff. A number of names have been devised together with them. Then there was a vote. One of our employees came up with the name Varrlyn. A not always watertight vote and award ceremony provided the necessary jolijt. We are happy with our new name. We have informed the parties with whom we cooperate by means of a communiqué that we are called Varrlyn as of today.
Will the name change still have consequences for your positioning and / or customers?
We have based our office on a number of solid starting points and a build-up of trust among our customers. Our name is important in this respect, but from the perspective of market position, our core values ​​and the quality we deliver are more important. We give a decisive spin to matters that are more within our sphere of influence, such as understanding our customer, consistent quality, commitment, business sense and originality.

And what about possible trademark rights could you expand internationally?
We have now successfully registered the Varrlyn brand.
Looking at the future, last year around this time, in an interview with, you indicated that the coming period was characterized by further expansion and professionalization? How are you now?
We notice that both the internal issues and the requests from our clients are becoming increasingly widespread. We are happy with this development. This ensures that we give greater attention to the topic of business development. We are currently working on the crystallisation of our strategy and company branding. In addition, we are committed to expanding our team, scaling up existing customers including APG and positioning with new ones such as Nuon.

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