Dealing room

With over 20 years of know-how in dealing rooms around the world, we have what it takes.

You can sit back and focus on your business whilst the Varrlyn team takes care of your entire trade lifecycle, as we have been successfully doing for various banks and financial service providers.

Relevant cases

Case — APG-AM | Dealing room

Get SFDR sorted in terms of data, framework and systems.

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Case — APG-AM | Dealing room

Go for a smooth switch to cleared transactions and proper EMIR reporting.

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Trade processes and products

From deal capture (Front Office) and settlements (Operations) to risk management (Market/Credit risk), we’ve got you covered. Call us to help you set up rules for capturing structured products, all aspects of pricing, limits and collateral management, and derivative accounting. 


Keeping up with regulatory changes is a challenge in itself. EMIR, Dodd Frank, SFTR, MiFID, SFDR – these regulations all impact how market participants manage and monitor various risks properly, and must be implemented fully and accurately. We have the right people on board to do just that. 

Reference Data Management

These days, capital markets firms are expected to address any inefficiencies of reference data management. Varrlyn can assist you with optimizing client data, static data, market data and counterparty information.

How can we help you move forward? Let’s jump on board.

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