Asset management

As processes are getting more complex and regulators demand top-notch reporting capabilities, a state-of-the-art IT landscape is a must-have for professional service providers.

Relevant cases

Case — NN Investment Partners | Asset management

Reduce systemic risk in securities lending (SFTR).

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Case — APG-AM | Asset management

Migrate and reconcile all asset classes to a new ledger.

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EMIR, SFDR, MiFID, KYC, SFTR – are you still keeping track? Our consultants have the skills and experience necessary to provide your organization with an efficient IT setup. If required, Varrlyn works together with a set of skilled partners in applications and data reporting providers, to ensure your company becomes compliant – and stays that way.


Dealing with operation error after error prevents many asset managers from reaching an acceptable level of digitalization. We can help renew your IT architecture front to back, including order management, data warehousing and data reporting. 


Products & processes

To distribute various risks such as currency, credit and interest rates, businesses need to know all about collateral management, liquidity management, order management, credit risk and market risk. Hire us to set up these processes efficiently, stimulating a sustainable and flexible infrastructure.

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