Destination: above and beyond

At Varrlyn, we are trained to think ahead. With advanced digital tools, we enjoy turning any obstacle into a chance to thrive. It’s all about thinking in terms of opportunities, together.

Our mission

Propelling your dreams forward with ambition and excellence

Our team gets a kick out of making data work for you, whether you're buy-side or sell-side. With every goal you reach and every record you break, we cheer and shout, standing by your side, never failing to look ahead.

A positive mindset - that's what got us this far. Thinking of doing something deemed impossible? Once you realize nothing is impossible, you are free to dream. We’ll help you plan and thrive. Because at Varrlyn we believe that if something is achievable, we can - and will - achieve it together.

Get ready to improve your cost efficiency, simplify your application architecture, optimize the time to market, increase straight-through processing – whilst meeting all regulatory requirements. You do the deal, we do the project.

Our promise

Taming your technical tangles

When did the dealing room change from a pressure cooker filled with colour and noise – “Buy! Buy!” “Sell! Sell!” – to row after row of computer screens? Electronic trading just kind of… happened. The world of trading accepted a few bits here, a few bytes there – and then, all of a sudden, things got tangled.

At Varrlyn, we take processes apart. We clarify, design and implement the most intricate financial IT projects; as a complete custom-designed package, or in parts. If the tangle turns out too wild to tame, we "simply" build a new IT landscape from scratch.

Our aim is to make our clients’ systems run without a hitch. We help financial institutions with system implementations and provide some serious application support, concentrating on the way they process transactions and deploy reporting applications.

Our management team

Martin Defauwes


Martin holds a Master of Science degree in Physics and Astronomy and a Master’s degree in Business. He has been involved in various large-scale, international trading software implementations, both as a senior business analyst and as a project manager. Because of his wide experience in both front and back office processes, he enjoys acting as a functional architect, responsible for system configuration.

Philip van den Emster


Philip holds a Master of Science degree in Business Information Technology. As a senior project manager, he focuses on getting the job done with a high degree of client satisfaction. Philip acquired his solid functional and technical skills mainly through IT system implementation projects at different banks and asset management companies in The Netherlands and London.

Stephan van der Windt


Stephan holds a Master's degree in Industrial Engineering and Management Science. Having worked for clients in London, New York, Frankfurt, Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam he has the ability to adapt to different and challenging environments. As a business analyst or project manager, he concentrates mainly on projects in the capital markets area. Because of his strong analytical skills with a sound understanding of project management methodologies, he is able to deliver his projects with a high level of client satisfaction.

Cherien van Ampt

Business Development

Cherien holds a master’s degree in Organizational Psychology as well as in Economics. She is responsible for Business Development. Before Varrlyn, she was mainly active in the field of business analysis and change management, working for multinationals within Banking, Aviation, Resources and High Tech. She gained expertise in assessing business impact, assuring business readiness and aligning organizational/business processes. Her specialty lies in the analysis, design, building and deployment phases of projects.


Our Operations team

Vanessa Berentsen

Talent and Operations Manager

Vanessa is our enthusiast recruiter. She has a lot of contact with our clients and tries to find the best talents who match our open vacancies. She was Team Coordinator Financial Accounting at one of the largest insurers in the world. Vanessa has over 15 years of related working experience, with the relevant diplomas that go with it.

Martijn Ensink

Office Manager

Martijn is responsible for the backoffice, like financial administration, marketing, events and HR tasks such as onboarding of our consultants. He has a wide experience in banking, project management and is also self employed Interior Designer.


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