Having worked all over the world, we now pour our global experience into the Dutch market.


At Varrlyn we are fully focused on complex financial processes, working in close cooperation with our clients to improve their overall performance. Varrlyn has supported a great deal of complex financial services projects, always resulting in successful implementations within time and budget.

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With our experience in the capital markets area, what we deliver always fits in our clients’ strategic picture.

Murex is a company that provides financial software for trading, treasury, risk, and post-trade operations for financial markets. Ever since its creation in 1986, Murex has played a lead role in proposing effective technology as a catalyst for growth and innovation in capital markets. Murex has devoted over 30 years to the design, implementation and evolution of integrated trading, risk management, processing, and post-trade solutions.

The Varrlyn team has been involved in most Murex implementations that took place in the Dutch financial services market, and to this day, these financial organizations are still our clients. This makes us highly knowledgeable about treasury organisation, architecture and application setup, specifically for Murex.

Orange Peak Company

Together we support financial institutions with data reporting, data consulting and data analytics projects.

Orange Peak Company is specialised in management information systems, creating insight in any organisation's performance. It can process a large amount of data (Big Data) and creates user-friendly management information reports, using the latest technologies available.


We provide our clients with reassurance and confidence to fulfil their reporting obligations.

Varrlyn is continuously looking for ways to help clients with their EMIR, MiFID II and SFTR reporting obligations. To enforce our added value, we joined Unavista’s Consulting Partner Programme.

UnaVista is part of LSEG (London Stock Exchange Group). In 2020, UnaVista established a European HQ in Amsterdam to enable it provide effective trade and transaction reporting services to its European client-base - with minimal disruption following Brexit.

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