Finance & Risk

Varrlyn delivers support in terms of governance, processes, data and IT applications.

Our consultants help design and execute your transformation roadmap, mainly driven by detailed insights that are required for internal decision-making, and by regulatory changes.

Relevant cases

Case — ABN AMRO | Finance & Risk

Receive daily liquidity insights, based on new models.

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New and lasting solutions 

Finance and accounting domains typically have monthly processing cycles, running on stable but old-fashioned applications with many manual post-processing steps. Clients often welcome our support: we come up with better risk management insights, and with new systems that frequently provide more detailed data.

Are you looking to improve the performance of your group finance and group risk domains? Credit risk, liquidity risk, interest rate risk, (economic) capital – you name it, we’ve got the skills to make you thrive.


Data management procedures and data analytics 

With regulators raising the need for additional insights, the availability of granular data on group level is crucial for our clients. We have a deep level of understanding of both the business needs of the data, as well as the technical needs.  

BCBS 239, data lineage, data modelling? It’s how we roll, serving the requirements of regulatory reporting needs such as COREP, FINREP, AnaCredit, as well as annual reporting for companies themselves.

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