Even though we're hardly ever all together in the same physical space, we form a tight-knit team.

Vanessa Berentsen Talent and Operations Manager


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We only hire people with the right mindset

Our team operates at the high end of the market, specializing in different areas. From project management to application configuration and infrastructure support, our people know the drill. Varrlyn's founders were involved in the largest global transaction processing platform implementations of the last fifteen years, building a strong network in the financial services resources area along the way.

A top-notch place to work

As part of the Varrlyn team, you'll get to work with sophisticated technologies used by renowned financial institutions. Apart from being bright and enthusiastic, your analytical and communicative skills are excellent, and your functional/technical knowledge of financial markets and/or regulatory reporting is, of course, massive.

A perfect balance between work and life

The Varrlyn team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to its clients, but we never lose sight of the balance between work and life. Our approach to working includes freedom, balance and stability. We invest in our people by providing training and coaching in a number of technical, functional and EQ related disciplines.

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