Case — ABN AMRO | Finance & Risk

Receive daily liquidity insights, based on new models.

ABN AMRO Bank N.V. is the third-largest bank in the Netherlands, headquartered in Amsterdam. It provides various financial products and services across a variety of channels. ABN AMRO's product portfolio includes insurances, mortgages, savings, investments, loans and payments, and it serves retail, private and corporate clients worldwide.

What was the problem?

The project was initiated partially driven by the ILAAP regulatory requirements. ABN AMRO’s Asset & Liability Management department required more insight into the bank’s overall liquidity position, requiring the implementation of new risk models. A strategic programme was also running to source more detailed data on a daily – rather than a monthly – basis.  

Why did ABN AMRO ask for Varrlyn’s help?

Previous attempts to source daily data from different domains, had proven to be too complex. Indeed, to source all the required data and to align with the model definition was the biggest challenge for this implementation. By bringing in BA skills with specific product and regulatory knowledge, plus excellent coordination across the entire value chain (from Front Office to Risk & Finance), Varrlyn ensured a timely delivery of this project. ABN AMRO now receives daily liquidity insights based on newly developed models. 

How did Varrlyn work together with ABN AMRO?

The project, which lasted 1 year, involved 2 of our experts and 18 of ABN AMRO’s team members. The project delivery was extremely efficient, using only the efforts of the Agile teams.

Account manager  Stephan van der Windt