Case — APG-AM | Asset management

Migrate and reconcile all asset classes to a new ledger.

APG is one of the world’s largest pension investors, with offices in Heerlen, Amsterdam, New York and Hong Kong. By February 2021, the assets that APG manages for its pension funds and its 4.7 million participants (through its independent Asset Management unit) represented a value of approximately 568 billion euros. To manage its assets as responsibly as possible, APG aims to achieve attractive and sustainable investment returns for its customers.

What was the problem?

APG-AM needed help to migrate all of its assets to its new general ledger system called Advent Geneva, and to set up a simplified global operating model. 

Why did APG-AM ask for Varrlyn’s help?

Varrlyn was responsible for designing, building, testing and executing the position migration. We also helped with runbook management, environment management and data archiving.

How did Varrlyn work together with APG-AM?

The project, which lasted 2 years, involved 5 of our experts and 50 of APG’s team members. Together, we successfully migrated and reconciled all asset classes (Fi, Eq, IRD, FXD, Fi, MM, from both the Netherlands and New York) to the new general ledger. The migration preparation took around 1 year and was executed during multiple weekends.

Acount manager Martin Defauwes