Case — Digital services

Accelerate your transition to the Murex platform.

What was the problem?
Our client’s programme aims to replace the bank’s entire Markets and Treasury value chain infrastructure, leveraging the Murex MX.3 platform whilst upgrading the banks’ risk management capability. The programme, which impacts around 1000 users globally, spans the integration of the value chain, decommissioning of 25+ systems, 5 asset classes and 12 countries. The simplification, integration and increased consistency achieved by the programme reduces both operating cost and the cost of (future) change.

Why did our client ask for Varrlyn’s help?
With our specialisation on many aspects of the MX.3 platform, Varrlyn was able to help our client in several areas within the specific programme: We supported the Markets and Treasury businesses with their transition to the new platform, helped meet regulatory requirements (R4), realise application integration and automated testing, and trained project and client staff.

How did Varrlyn contribute?
The programme, which started 5 years ago and is still running, involves up to 10 of our experts and 120 of our client’s team members plus (offshore) integration partners. Together, we delivered many successful sub-deliveries (Minimum Viable Products) towards implementation of the new Murex platform, integration with our client’s application and geographical landscapes, and meeting regulatory requirements, all according to the Scaled Agile Framework.

Account manager Philip van den Emster