Case — Finance & Risk

Navigate away from IBOR using risk-free rates to update your products.

What was the problem?
Our client needed a reliable linking pin between its central programme and its business stakeholders, to update all products and processes within Treasury/ALM (using IBOR reference rates) in order to use new risk-free rates. Requirements needed to be translated and tested properly for all processes. Varrlyn also helped with the actual implementation of the products and processes into the core Treasury execution system Murex.

Why did our client ask for Varrlyn’s help?
By providing a deep-level understanding of the business processes, Varrlyn was able to lead the programme efficiently, ensuring all products and processes were updated before the old rates ceased to exist.

How did Varrlyn contribute?
The project, which lasted 2 years, involved 60 of our client’s employees and 4 Varrlyn team members.

Account manager Stephan van der Windt