Dealing room & Sustainability services

With over twenty years of know-how in dealing rooms around the world, Varrlyn has what it takes to shape your organization into a future-proof, sustainable business.

As a Varrlyn client you can relax and focus on what you do best, whilst the team of experts takes care of your entire trade lifecycle, as Varrlyn has been successfully doing, for various banks and financial service providers.

Varrlyn works together with both buy and sell side clients. From design to implementation, Varrlyn capital markets experts add value along the complete value chain. Varrlyn combines product know-how with a deep understanding of trade processes. Adding a layer of state-of-the-art technology, Varrlyn transforms regulatory requirements (EMIR, Dodd Frank, SFTR) into pragmatic solutions.

Fast forward to 2030. The world agrees upon a common sustainability agenda, the 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs), and Varrlyn is here to help/achieve/sustain you with this agenda.

Get ready for positive change.

Relevant cases

Case — APG-AM | Dealing room & Sustainability services

Get SFDR sorted in terms of data, framework and systems.

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Case — APG-AM | Dealing room & Sustainability services

Go for a smooth switch to cleared transactions and proper EMIR reporting.

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Trade processes and products

From deal capture (Front Office) and settlements (Operations) to risk management (Market/Credit risk), Varrlyn’s got you covered.

Use our knowledge of financial markets – including bonds, derivatives, and money market instruments – to create operational readiness. Get in touch to get help in setting up rules for capturing structured products, all aspects of pricing, limits and collateral management, and derivatives accounting.


Keeping up with regulatory changes is a challenge in itself.

Next to longer running regulations like EMIR and MiFid, institutions also have to take specific sustainability legislation into account. Varrlyn assists with translating SFDR, Taxonomy, IMVB covenant and SRD into an actionable plan to comply with and internalize. 

Varrlyn identifies possible negative effects on investment decisions from a sustainable point of view. During our cooperation we will describe appropriate countermeasures, and help you avoid potential yield losses by managing sustainability risks.

Data Management

Stricter regulatory requirements call for increased efforts in terms of sourcing and managing metrics and data related to environmental, social, and governance (ESG). Varrlyn works with various teams (ESG, Finance, RFP, IT), communicates with data vendors, and maps ESG data in order to implement and boost process efficiency across the entire value chain. 

Varrlyn professionals use ESG data to set up rules to implement ESG data in reporting systems and databases.

Green Bond transition

When the EU introduced the Green Bond Standard (GBS), according to its own EU Taxonomy, Green Bonds quickly became important tools to mobilize the required investment capital for the transition to a more sustainable economy, and of course for battling climate change.

Varrlyn supports both debt capital market and treasury teams by gathering data to assess which assets are eligible for refinancing through Green Bonds.

Responsible investment 

These days all institutions realize the intrinsic and monetary value of being at the top of their league when it comes to Responsible Investment. 

The Varrlyn team builds and maintains a suite of investment decision support systems that empower our clients’ businesses to make informed decisions for their sustainable portfolio.

Varrlyn also supports investment stewardship and proxy voting policies to enhance transparency on Responsible Investment decisions and to optimize engagement with shareholders.

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