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Murex Round Table by Varrlyn

2 November 2022

On Thursday 3 November 2022 Varrlyn hosted it’s annual Round Table. It was an honour to host representatives from leading financial institutions that utilize Murex in the Netherlands. The diverse crowd of attendees brought a unique blend of IT and business perspectives to our table.

CI/CD and Cloud

Since the previous Murex Round Table in 2019, significant investments have been made in the CI/CD and SaaS spaces. Murex has successfully completed 20 projects worldwide, and our organizations have also matured in terms of CI/CD processes and test automation. The first Murex deployments in the cloud for both development and production purposes have been a success, bringing about benefits such as faster time-to-market, improved processes, and cost savings. However, these achievements have also revealed some lessons learned and challenges that still need to be addressed.

Our conclusion is that CI/CD and the cloud are the way forward. More investments, particularly in test automation, are needed to further reduce time-to-market for major version upgrades.

Murex Upgrades

Murex major release upgrades continue to be a major topic for our organizations. Although recent investments in test automation have helped to reduce costs and timelines, performing an upgrade every year or more frequently is still not viable. To address this challenge, Murex introduced a new service, MxEvolve. Murex will maintain your test pack and updates it for each new release version. This could significantly accelerate upgrade projects and ensure that all test cases are passing before the new version is deployed onsite. Ideally, only a System Integration Test (SIT) and/or User Acceptance Test (UAT) would be required before deploying the new version into production. We look forward to discussing progress and experiences with MxEvolve at our next round table.

Murex Presentation

We ended the round table with a thought-provoking presentation by Murex on their offerings and initiatives related to SecFin and Q&A. The Q&A session revisited several topics such as binary upgrades, cloud, CI/CD, and test automation. It would be exciting to reconvene in a year to reflect on the advancements and progress made in these areas.