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Tushar Varghese on his return to financial services consulting

28 February 2023

In mid-2022, Tushar Varghese joined Varrlyn, having exited the consulting industry five years before. Tushar tells what motivated his return to the consultancy world, and what he hopes to achieve this time around.

One of the most important things professionals look for in their work is challenge and intellectual growth. Tushar is no exception to this – noting that his skillset expanded every time he faced an unfamiliar issue, as it forced him to revising his previous assumptions, in order to provide new solutions.

Having spent five years with Accenture and becoming a Senior Analyst, Tushar was keen for a new challenge – and shifted into the financial services space in 2017. But having spent spells with BNP Paribas and UBS, he once again found himself yearning a change of pace – and to apply the new skills he had picked up, in combination with the knowledge from a freshly completed Executive MBA majoring in Finance and Information Systems.

Tushar elaborates, “IT consulting is extremely challenging and the ability to selectively apply tools and skills to tackle challenges is critical to success as a consultant, because each client tends to be different in its approach and objectives. This was the challenge I was looking for, and Varrlyn has been most helpful in getting me on board for this.”

Varrlyn is a Netherlands-based consultancy that supports financial institutions with system implementations since 2010, providing expertise in the design and implementation of intricate financial IT projects.

Moving back to the consulting market with Varrlyn also saw Tushar migrating back across continents – having spent the last five years in India. However, even though “the way everything works in the Netherlands is quite different”, his preparations and Varrlyn’s efforts to accommodate him meant this did not pose too much of a problem.

I had started reading up and gathering relevant information about the Netherlands as soon as I had an inkling that I was going to move,” notes Tushar. “So, in a way I pretty much hit the ground running. But what really helped was the fact that Varrlyn took care of the paperwork and relevant appointments such that I could focus on setting up.”

Banking focus

Building on his expertise, Tushar has commenced his time with Varrlyn with a focus onbanking clients. In particular, “getting them to work more efficiently” is his key area of interest. This means Tushar’s roles typically see him combining his knowhow regarding business analysis, project management and stakeholder management to support IT transformations.

Recently, this has seen Tushar work with one of the largest banks in the Netherlands. Rabobank is a Dutch multinational banking and financial services company, headquartered in Utrecht. As it looks to adapt to an environment in which digital challengers are trying towin business off historic incumbents, Varrlyn is helping the bank to develop new, digitally savvy products.

I’m working with a team which focuses on new revenue streams with innovative solutions,” says Tushar. “My current project targets to implement a blockchain based application which will provide real time processes for certain parts of Rabobank’s business.”

“The project offers the opportunity to apply everything that I’ve learnt so far in my career, while moulding my understanding based on the different objectives of the team. I find it exciting as I am the bridge between new product development run along with external participants and internal bank products that are run by Rabobank’s product team.”